Digital audio releases by Marc Behrens (and collaborative projects).
Available via Bandcamp and some of your usual digital distributors.

Audio releases:
ala001 Eyephone – Devolution+
ala002 Marc Behrens – Irregular Characters
ala003 Eyephone – Evergreens+
ala004 Eyephone – Reductive+
ala005 Marc Behrens – Advanced Environmental Control (Remastered and Complete Edition)
ala006 Marc Behrens – Four Installations (Remastered Edition)
ala007 Marc Behrens – Elapsed Time (Remastered Edition)
ala008 Marc Behrens – Contraction (Remastered Edition)
ala009 Marc Behrens – Integração (Remastered Edition)
ala010 Marc Behrens – Косовски Реквијем – Requiem I Kosovës – Kosovo Requiem (Remastered Edition)
ala011 Marc Behrens – The Religion of Toxins
ala012 Marc Behrens – Apparatus
ala013 Marc Behrens – A Narrow Angle
ala014 Marc Behrens – The Aesthetics of Censorship
ala015 Narcotic Syntax & Eyephone – Narcotic Syntax & Eyephone
ala016 Marc Behrens – Architectural Commentaries
ala017 Marc Behrens – Architectural Commentaries 4&5
ala018 Marc Behrens – Breaking the Elephant’s Legs

Books with accompanying audio releases:

alb001 Marc Behrens – 2009:2019
alb002 Marc Behrens – ≤2008

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