A label for music and other media by Marc Behrens and selected collaborations with other artists, funded 2014. Music releases are distributed through your usual digital platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. Direct purchases, extras and goodies through the Marc Behrens Bandcamp profile.

ala001 Eyephone – Devolution+
ala002 Marc Behrens – Irregular Characters
ala003 Eyephone – Evergreens+
ala004 Eyephone – Reductive+
ala005 Marc Behrens – Advanced Environmental Control (Remastered and Complete Edition)
ala006 Marc Behrens – Four Installations (Remastered Edition)
ala007 Marc Behrens – Elapsed Time (Remastered Edition)
ala008 Marc Behrens – Contraction (Remastered Edition)
ala009 Marc Behrens – Integração (Remastered Edition)
ala010 Marc Behrens – Косовски Реквијем – Requiem I Kosovës – Kosovo Requiem (Remastered Edition)
ala011 Marc Behrens – The Religion of Toxins
ala012 Marc Behrens – Apparatus
ala013 Marc Behrens – A Narrow Angle
ala014 Marc Behrens – The Aesthetics of Censorship
ala015 Narcotic Syntax & Eyephone – Narcotic Syntax & Eyephone
ala016 Marc Behrens – Architectural Commentaries
ala017 Marc Behrens – Architectural Commentaries 4&5
ala018 Marc Behrens – Breaking the Elephant’s Legs
ala019 Marc Behrens – Unit
ala020 Marc Behrens – Nachtsprache
ala021 Marc Behrens – Our Tongues in Your Ears

Print with accompanying audio releases:

alb001 Marc Behrens – 2009:2019
alb002 Marc Behrens – ≤2008

alb003 Feedback Lumen Echo – Turner Rohleder Behrens (limited to 75 copies)

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